Meet the Richmond Rainbow Girls

Members of Richmond Assembly come from all over central Virginia!  Rainbow is proud to include girls no matter their faith, color, creed, or relation to a Freemason.  It is a place where girls can come and be true to who they are – accepted and loved for the content of their character.  



Taylor  |  Worthy Advisor

Taylor joined Rainbow just a few days after her 11th birthday after she was a Pledge Sister,  and since then, she has served twice as our Worthy Advisor.  Taylor is also Grand Chaplain for Virginia and on the state’s Junior Grand Executive Board!  She is in 12th grade and enjoys learning about history and how it impacts the present day. She would love to have the power of invisibility, and she’s a big fan of Hot Cheetos and Pixie Stix.  Taylor wants to be a cosmetologist when she grows up.  


Victoria  | Worthy Associate Advisor

Victoria is a sophomore in college studying business and has come a long way since she joined Rainbow just before her 12th birthday!  She served twice as Worthy Advisor and is currently Grand Editor for Virginia and Grand Representative to Montana.  Victoria is involved with the co-ed business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, participates in track and soccer and she has a well-documented love of pizza, pasta and chicken nuggets!  Her favorite animal is the turtle and she wishes she could have lightning superpowers.

Sammy  |  Sister of Charity

Sammy is in 10th grade and was initiated into Rainbow on her 11th birthday! She is a past Worthy Advisor and currently serves our Assembly as Sister of Hope. Her favorite subject in school is orchestra, but she also loves art, jewelry making, and reading.  Her favorite foods are fruits and Kit-Kats.  If she could have a super power, it would be metal manipulation! In the future, she wants to be  freelance artist and assist on her parents’ farm.  She says that Rainbow has taught her to be confident and be true to herself!

Kemaya  |  Sister of Hope

Kemaya is in 10th grade and has been in Rainbow since she was 11 years old.  She is also a past Worthy Advisor of our Assembly!  She is currently Virginia’s Grand Representative to Arizona and New Mexico!  Her favorite subject in school is science, but she is very busy with extracurriculars.  She plays several sports, volunteers at a number of organizations, is involved in the American Heritage Girls, and loves reading, cooking and baking.  She aspires to be a veterinarian, and if she could have one superpower, it would be the power of invisibility!


Noelle  |  Chaplain

Noelle joined Rainbow when she was 11 years old and now she’s our Worthy Advisor!  She is also the Grand Representative to North Carolina and South Carolina Rainbow jurisdictions.  She is in 10th grade, where her favorite subject is Health because she loves to learn how the body works.  She plays the piano and her favorite foods are M&Ms and sushi!  If she could invent one thing, it would be a time travel car that could teleport her to any place and any time.


Faith  |  Confidential Observer

Faith is the newest member of our Assembly!  She quickly stepped in to help the Assembly as our Confidential Observer.  She is smart and sweet, and has a great ability to figure out what others around her need to feel supported.  She participates in school choir and is a talented artist!  We are so grateful that Faith is a part of Richmond Assembly.  

Lina  | Member at Large

Lina became a Rainbow Girl shortly after her 11th birthday!  Before that, she was a very active Pledge Sister for several years and has since held several different positions on the state level. She is a junior in high school and loves both history and art.  She is also a huge advocate for more dresses with pockets.  Her dream job is to be a film director and put her name on a blockbuster movie.  Lina’s busy outside of Rainbow too – she is involved with theatre, Girl Scouts, choir, art, camping, and she’s even into gaming!


Lizzy  |  Member at Large

Lizzy joined Richmond Assembly at 11 years old after being a Pledge Sister for several years.  She worked her way up to being one of our elected line officers before taking a break for school, and we are so grateful she recently came back to be an active member!  She played softball growing up and now serves and saves our community as an EMT.  Lizzy is also a brand ambassador for a local, women-empowerment focused photographer.  We’re so happy to have her experience, knowledge, and positive attitude in our Assembly!


Allison  |  Member at Large

Allison became a member of Rainbow shortly after her 10th birthday after having been a Pledge Sister for some time!  We love her enthusiasm and sweet personality.


Grace  |  Member at Large

Grace joined Rainbow at Grand Assembly 2021!  She is in 9th grade and enjoys learning about science.  If she were to invent one thing, it would be an automatic food maker so no one would need to wait for food.  Speaking of food, Grace loves sushi and Reese’s cups.  Her favorite hobby is drawing and she plays on her school’s championship-winning baseball team.  Her goal is to be a neurologist when she grows up!


Caitlynn  |  Member at Large

Caitlynn joined the Rainbow Girls when she was 13 years old!  Since then, she has served as a Grand Representative for Virginia Rainbow and has had several positions in our Assembly.


Amanda  | Member at Large

Amanda is one of our newest members of the Assembly.  She is a sophomore in high school and is such a fun and contributory member of our Assembly.  She fills in any open positions in our meeting and is always willing to lend a hand.